Boutique Partnership Program

New Digz Consignment partners with various boutiques across the country to relieve them of overstock and unsold inventory to make room for their new inventory. We make the process of selling overstock simple and offer 100% discretion for boutique owners when requested.

In working with our clients, research suggests that brands that discount their products actually devalue their brand’s equity (if not done properly), in a way that most weren’t comfortable with. Our program offers an alternative to discounting your products, without hassle and achieves the same result; selling the merchandise while reducing losses.

Program Benefits:

  • Rapid Inventory Turnover
  • Cash
  • Risk Adverse
  • Stabilizes Margins
  • Recoups Losses
  • Maximize Revenue w/o Devaluing Brand Equity

    Inventory Criteria:

    • Items must be New
    • Season Based
    • Current trend
    At New Digz Consignment, we believe that effective partnerships can be invaluable in positioning all vested parties/brands. For more information, contact us via email at We look forward to a prosperous partnership.